An Encouraging Development: Theological Discussions Regarding Dance

Recently, there have been several twitter discussions regarding dance in worship that I have come across. The discussions have been encouraging to me because it means that theologians and pastors are taking time to think about this matter and have Biblical and Theological reasons for their position. It is relatively rare that dance is spoken of as a significant topic to address in the church today, and so to see blog posts and twitter feeds and podcasts where theologians are taking time to consider it seriously is an important development in this field. As one who has enjoyed research, writing, and teaching on this subject for close to two decades now, I am painfully aware of the great need for resources to be given to the global Church regarding the place of dance in the Christian’s life and in congregational worship and praise. I enjoyed listening to the podcast Mere Fidelity regarding dancing this evening, and would encourage everyone interested in how to think about dance from a Biblical perspective to listen to it as well.


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