I am a woman who knows herself loved by God!  The knowledge that I was made by God for glorious eternal delight and fellowship with Him in Christ stuns my heart afresh each day.  I marvel at the mighty saving work of Jesus Christ in my life through the power of His death and resurrection.  The  revelation of the magnificent Savior to my heart through His Word fills my heart to overflowing with joy and thanksgiving every day.  One of the ways I love to express that joy and praise to Him is through expressive movement.   I most often do this in the quiet of my home, but when I am able to dance in the midst of of other people, my prayer is that the testimony of Jesus would go forth through my words and dance.  I have had the privilege to use dance to testify to Christ and teach on the Biblical foundations for this subject for the past 13 years in various venues.  I love worshipping the Lord with Christ Church Knoxville where my husband serves as the pastor. (christchurchknoxville.org)  In this blog, I will be writing about dance as an instrument of praise, worship, and prayer.  I will unfold how it is a gift of God that can be sanctified for His glory.  I will explore Biblical passages as the basis for this understanding as well as insights into the history of dance in the world and the Church.  My desire is to see the dances of individual human hearts redeemed as well as the dances of the nations and people groups of the earth unto the glory of God. I look forward to hearing your questions and thoughts!  For an introduction to this subject, see my post Sanctifying Dance for the Glory of God.

Blessings in Jesus,

Devon Tarr


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